Listed price for VX-8 and options

VX-8: 59,800 JPY
That would be roughly $575.00 at current exchange rates.

** Options **
GPS unit FGPS-2: 9,800 JPY
GPS unit adaptor CT-136: 4,200 JPY
Mic w/ GPS adaptor function MH-74A7A: 5,900 JPY
Bluetooth BU-1: 10,800 JPY
BH-1: 12,800 JPY
BH-2: 9,800 JPY

** For your reference **
The listed price for other YAESU HTs
VX-3: 34,800 JPY
VX-6: 47,040 JPY
VX-7: 57,540 JPY

These are listed price includes tax and not the street price.